Try Playing the Capsa Susun Bet Type

Try Playing the Capsa Susun Bet Type

Try Playing the Capsa Susun Bet Type – The types of bets in online poker gambling games are indeed quite a lot with a variety of different game tips. Before the admin explains further, here the admin will provide a simpler understanding first. The tips that the admin gives this time don’t necessarily guarantee your 100% win, because victory can also depend on the cards you get, but this capsa game is purely a game of luck and feeling about positioning the card placement.

Easy Ways to Win Capsa Susun Online

Card placement is very important in the Capa Susun Online Gambling game because if you place the wrong card, even though you get a good card, it will be useless. or also in the sense that you should be able to win a lot but you only win partially. Here, the admin will share the best way so that you can maximize the cards you have The initial steps for playing Capsa Susun Online Gambling so that you can increase your chances of winning easily are as follows:

1 . Arrange the cards that you have first in order from the smallest value to the largest value.

2 . While you are arranging the cards, pay attention to the symbols you have on your cards. if you get a pair, three of a kind, a tie, 5 cards with the same symbol, immediately separate the cards and hope that a card of the same level will appear.

3 . If you have got all the cards, look for the strongest card for you to put down.

4 . after that pay attention to the rest of the cards in your hand, whether it can be made for the middle card. for example, is there a pair, double pair, or other combination as long as the card cannot be stronger than the lower level. Because the bottom card position is a strong combination you have

5 . Look for the possibility of a card of great value at each level but again it all depends on the feeling you have.

Tips for Composing Online Capsa Susun Game Cards

1 Full House And 2 Pairs

If you get this card, there are 2 options for you to do. do you want to make your card have 2 pairs in the middle or 1 pair each in the middle and top. If you have 2 pairs under the number 8, the admin recommends that you make 2 pairs in the middle. if the 3 cards above do not have a large lifting situs judi idn poker card such as A, K, Q or J then it is recommended to raise 1 pair and above. If you have 2 pairs between 10 and aces, the admin recommends raising 1 pair and above so that you have a greater chance of winning.

1 Full House And 3 Pairs

If you get this card, then you have to put the pair with the highest value at the top, and 2 pairs in the middle. for example: you have a full house J and 3 pairs, namely K, J, and 8 then the arrangement is pair J and 8 in the middle and pair K on top.
If there is a card that is bigger than a pair, such as a three of a kind or a straight, then you can place it in the middle as a barrier if your bottom card loses.

2 Straights Without Pair

If you have a card like this, you put the card with the largest straight on the bottom, and the next straight card is placed in the middle, but also pay attention to the top card, if there is no pair then you must put the biggest card, for example A, Q, 10 or K, J, 10.

1 Flush 1 Straight Or 1 Flush 2 Pair

If you get a card like this one, calculate the greatest possible odds. Indeed, 1 flush and 1 straight will strengthen your lower and middle cards, but your top card will only contain a kicker. Playing with an arrangement like this means that you will only play it safe, because the straight in the middle is strong enough.

1 flush and 2 pair cards can strengthen all levels of your cards. But it all comes back to your cards, if you have a big flush and the 2 strongest pairs, it is recommended to increase your 1 pair at the top.

2 Flush Without Pair

If you have a card like this, the card with the largest flush is placed on the bottom, and the next flush card is placed in the middle, but also pay attention to the top, if there is no pair then you must put the biggest kicker for example A, Q, 10 or K, J, 10.

3 Pairs Or 4 Pairs

If you get 3 pairs in your hand, then the arrangement is 2, namely 2 pairs below, 1 middle pair or 1 pair below, middle and top. then arrange the cards you have according to your feelings. you can surrender if the pair of cards you have is below the number 10. because it will be very difficult to win.…

Guide to Becoming a Winner in Online Poker Gambling

Guide to Becoming a Winner in Online Poker Gambling

Guide to Becoming a Winner in Online Poker Gambling -In playing online poker gambling, you as a player need to know and understand various information related to online poker gambling games.

Playing online poker gambling can be easy if you understand the rules of playing and how to play poker on the latest poker sites. For this reason, for beginners who do not understand the rules of the game and how to play it, it would be nice to learn before playing.

This keeps my boss from losing and getting losses due to an understanding of the poker game that has not been fully mastered. And one more thing my boss needs to know to avoid fraud, it would be nice if my boss played at a trusted online poker gambling agent.

One of the official online idn poker88 gambling agents that I believe in and I have played with has been online for quite a while. This is just a suggestion from me if my boss wants to play safely and comfortably because on the ovobos site it only requires 1 user ID to play all the games.

Guide to Becoming a Winner in Online Poker Gambling

Online Poker Card Combination Order

Of course, the first thing that every player must know and understand is the order of card combinations in poker games.

See the example in the picture above, the order of highest to lowest in online poker games is


is the highest card combination with a card combination of 10, Jack, Queen, King and US with the same flower. If my boss has a combination of these cards, it is certain to win.


Is the second highest order combination under ROYAL FLUSH with a combination of cards
2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 with the intention that my boss may have consecutive straight cards with the same flower.


The combination of cards on FOUR OF A KIND is different from a royal flush or a straight flush because this card combination must have the same 4 card numbers as AS, AS, AS, AS.


Full house cards can be owned with the following combinations 10,10,10,2,2, which is having 3 card numbers 10 and card number 2 or with different numbers but has 3 numbers of the same card accompanied by 2 cards of the same number.


FLUSH cards are different from straight flush cards, because flush cards do not have to have consecutive card numbers. this flush card, the most important thing is to have the same flower card. for example 5,8,9,Queen and King with the same flowers as Hearts or other flowers.


The combination of straight cards is by having consecutive card numbers even with different flowers, such as 10 spades, 11 hearts, 12 curls, 13 hearts, and aces of hearts.


is a combination of cards by having 3 card numbers the same as 9,9,9,2,3


is a combination card as above, namely King, King, 5, 5, and 3.


This card combination is the easiest because my boss only needs to have 2 cards with the same card number as 9.9


High Card: A card with a higher value will beat a card with a lower value. This last card combination is the lowest card combination in online poker games.…

Here are Online Poker Gambling Tips that Need to be Used

Here are Online Poker Gambling Tips that Need to be Used

Here are Online Poker Gambling Tips that Need to be Used – There are many things you should pay attention to when playing online poker gambling games, from learning how this game works to how to play it.

There are many ways to profit from playing online poker games on the internet. You can easily use this method once you really understand how this game works. You need to know more to make sure that playing online poker games on the internet not only has to master the term combination of cards, but also has to master when it’s all for us, anytime. Everything requires players to make their own decisions. So that it really gives the final victory for gambling players. Well friends, we are going to take advantage of this great opportunity to share a little about how to win online poker gambling on the Internet. Hopefully the information you receive from here is sufficient to give you an idea of ​​the games that online gamblers make on the internet.

Here are Online Poker Gambling Tips that Need to be Used

Here are Tips for Winning Internet Online Poker Gambling

Play quietly

The first thing to do when playing online poker on the internet is to play quietly. It’s not easy to play quietly. Our passion is to make sizable profits, and when we make big profits, even if we do. It is widely known that not all games of chance are easy to play. There are ways to win, one of which is to play with a calm mind. Start with small values. If you are confident enough, you can increase the value of your bet to get bigger. This game system does need to be done gradually to get maximum results.

Play with long experience

Of course, to be able to win online poker gambling, one must have enough experience playing online poker gambling on the internet, in fact not many people have that experience. Some players have experience playing online idn poker88 on the internet, the rest do not fully understand the game. When you are confident enough to master the game of poker, immediately move on to the real game.

Play with the cliff system

Third, we recommend that you play online poker using a bluff game system. This cliff game system is a little different from other chance games to run this system and requires mental training as it doesn’t work due to the heat. Usually successful players do this by doing everything even though they have no card combinations at all. With the hope that other players will make wrinkles because they are not sure of the cards they have. And of course you can win easily with this game system.

Play with analyzer

Then the last one is playing online poker cards with the right analysis. Not all players can easily apply this game. There is a much simpler way, namely by analyzing cards starting with cards…